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Gerry Jeffs
Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning
Royal Mutual Funds Inc.
Phone (250) 228-9292
Languages Spoken: ENGLISH
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Financial solutions custom-tailored for you

Are you confident that the financial solutions youíre using are the best ones for your present situation and for your financial future?

Of course thatís a very difficult question to answer on your own. With literally thousands of investment and retirement options to choose from, how can you know which financial solutions are best for you?

Do you have the time to do the research? Probably not. And even if you do, is that how you really want to spend your time? Probably not. So what can you do? How do you decide among all the choices? How can you determine whatís best for you?

May I tell you more about the advantages we offer?

I suggest we get together for a brief chat. We can meet at your convenience, wherever, whenever you like Ė at your home, place of business or local RBC Royal Bank branch. And I assure you, wherever you choose to meet, your financial information will remain in the strictest confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Together, weíll create a flexible financial strategy you can use for years

Your strategy will be based on your unique personal/financial profile. Your profile will consider such things as your present financial situation, your goals, your investment experience and your feelings about risk.

But things change, both in the financial world and in your world. Thatís why your financial strategy will have built-in flexibility for the long term. It will identify the financial and investment solutions you need to achieve your goals now and throughout each stage of your life.

And your strategy will be in writing with specified actions and timelines. A written strategy is like having a personal roadmap showing you how you can reach your destination. Then, based on your personal strategy, Iíll recommend the best tactics for you Ė the investment and financial solutions that will best achieve your specific goals.

Youíll have easy access to whatever resources youíll need

Having a strategy is one thing. Having the means to implement the strategy is another. With RBC Financial Group, Iíll be able to offer you access to virtually every type of investment and financial service Ė all from the convenience of your local RBC branch.

As you can see from the following list of services available to you, we have the resources to meet your needs and goals, however simple or complex they may be.

  • Banking, credit and investments
    If your current needs and future goals are not too complex, you may find that they can be best met through your local RBC Financial Group branch.
  • Financial planning
    Youíll have access to over 3,000 mutual funds, GICs and personalized portfolio solutions, as well as banking services such as loans, mortgages and credit cards.
  • Full service investment brokerage
    A complete selection of investments - stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more Ė can be custom-designed into a portfolio for your unique needs.
  • Direct investing services
    If youíre inclined to make your own investing decisions, our direct investing services give you the tools you need for quick, easy trading Ė online, by automated phone or through a representative.
  • Global and domestic discretionary investment management
    For those with more complex financial needs, we can design and implement a comprehensive wealth management strategy, relieving you of this task and giving you freedom to pursue other interests.
  • Comprehensive estate planning
    Youíll have access to a complete range of services including Will planning, trusts, insurance and agent for executor to help you plan your estate.
  • Private banking services
    Our Private Banking offers the high net worth individual domestic and/or international banking with a strong global presence plus the utmost in premium service and confidentiality.

I can help you identify financial solutions that are best for you

Iíll do so by following these five fundamental stepsĖ

  1. Gaining an understanding of what is important to you
  2. Identifying your personal financial goals
  3. Establishing your personal profile
  4. Creating your financial strategy
  5. Recommending the solutions to put your strategy into action

Your situation is unique. Your goals and dreams for the future are yours alone. Thatís why my first step will be to meet with you in person. Thatís the best way for me to understand whatís important to you and what you want for your financial future. Then Iíll work directly with you to keep you on track toward your goals. And if and when required, I'll also work with your other professional advisors, such as your lawyer or accountant

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